How do inmates smuggle drugs into prison?

I recently saw ‘lockdown’ and learned that there are drug trades among inmates.
Of course the supply comes from outside connections but how do they manage to smuggle the drug(s) pass the guards?
I recently became quite interested in this and I’ve searched and found people:
used pigeons
insert drugs into vagina and/or anals areas during visits!

Thats crazy! What are some wacked up ways that inmates attempt?
Thank you.

-me and my harmless curiousity.

As a former prison guard I have seen or heard of these methods of smuggling drugs.

Diapers – I have heard of people putting drugs in the diapers of infants brought to visitation.

Stamps – Some people place black tar heroin on the back of stamps and mail them to inmates.

Throwing over the fence – Visitors have been known to toss drugs and other contraband over the fence into the prison yard where an inmate picks it up later.

Staff – staff sometimes bring drugs and other contraband into the prispon.

Inside Property – some inmates get property mailed to them from family and friends … things like televisions … etc. Sometimes drugs are hidden inside.

Internally – sometimes inmates will smuggle drugs internally inside either their rectum, vagina, mouths or digestive systems.

Externally – some try to smuggle drugs by hidding it on their person, behind their scrotum, inside the elastic lining of their pants … etc.